Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I can't believe I am getting married!!!

I always dreamed about my wedding...where will it be...who will I marry...when will it happen...the ring...the dress...the music...everything about that special day!!

My dream came true on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We took a trip to the jewelry store in Redwood city. I looked at a lot of rings, lose diamonds, settings. Then the sales person said "Let me show you this diamond", just by the look in his eye, I knew it was going to be special. Memo brought me over the counter and my eyes blew up, the diamond sparkled and was beautiful. I looked at Memo and said "This is the one!!!"

We got engaged on March 16, 2008

Here is how it happened:

My proposal was a complete surprise!! I didn't think he was going to propose, he always told me that he didn't need to, and it mad me so upset. Little did I know that he was planning it all out for me. Memo proposed after he fought at a smoker in Monterey, Ca. I will NEVER forget it, he took the mic, after the MC announced him the winner, got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn't help but run into the cage and hug him!! He was sweaty, tired and winded but I didn't care, it was perfect and just how I imagined.

I didn't get my ring for about a month or so, but when I did I was still blown away. It was the most beautiful thing in the world and I was so proud to wear it!! At that point, It became real to me, I kept on repeating in my head "I can't believe I am getting married!!!!"

Our Wedding Party

Monique Ortiz , Matron of Honor
Erica Andrade , Bridesmaid
Raylene Vargas , Bridesmaid
Katrina Castillo , Bridesmaid
Tiffany Howard , Bridesmaid
Jessica Osborn , Bridesmaid
ElisaMia Rivera , Bridesmaid
Zenira Rivera , Bridesmaid
Joseph Aguilera , Usher
Gilbert Barreto , Usher
Emiko Andrade , Flower Girl

Chris Smith , Best Man
Hector Aguirre , Groomsman
Justin Green , Groomsman
Eric Lupercio , Groomsman
Lalo Garces , Groomsman
Michael Leija , Groomsman
Jorge Ortega , Groomsman
Myles Huelsenkamp , Groomsman
Nathanel Ray Andrade , Ring Bearer

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Hope said...

Congratulations Andrea and Memo. It's a long time coming but I am happy for you both. I'm glad you both know the Lord and pray that you will make him first in your marriage and family. :)

So, now we need to have you put a Ring on this blog of yours so I can see it.